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Finding the right skincare...

I am always trying new skincare products and Im always reading reviews and seeing if it is worth the money that I am willing to pay. After every purchase I also think this is gonna be the product that will change my skincare and so that I cant just stop the spending on skincare products and find something at last!!!!!!! 
  It never really seemed to end. My skin is a weird organ, and has a mind of its own. When I use to work on a make up counter my skin HATED me to say the least. No matter what I did or used it just did no cooperate. Baring in mind like most ladies everyday when going to work I would put my slap on and try look presentable the best I could, then as soon as I got home it was shoes off and slippers on. Make up off ASAP. I had oily/ dehydrated skin I know it was because of the A/C but I just couldn’t get it under control. It probably doesnt help that I am as pale as anything!!! I am a NC15 by mac just about. In the winter I have to add a drop or two of white face and body, so when I had a break out it would stick out like a sore thumb. I also suffer with eczema around my mouth and chin. 
 So that being said I tried everything and I found a really good skincare that would keep blemishes at bay, and my eczema under control.
 Since leaving the counter and doing freelance and not being stuck inside where there is A/C and clinical lighting and not having to wear make up everyday, I found that my skin is really taking shape and I have also added to my masses of skincare and thought I would share: 

(There is ALOT)

First things first:


Bioderma the holy water! A beauty junkie and make up artist and models best friend!! Its that good I think I can give it those titles. It is in my kit and I also have a bottle as well. I take my make up off with this. It takes off EVERYTHING be it waterproof eyeliner or mascara or a bold red lip. The best thing about this is that doesn’t sting my eyes and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It is very hard to find in the UK. I will links of where you can buy it at the end.

Once all my slap is removed. 
Step 2: 

Kate Somerville Daily Detox Cleanser.
This has been AMAZING as I said I suffered with mild acne which wasn’t helped with the environment where I worked. I read a review on Kate Somerville products in a magazine they rated it saying how amazing it was blah blah blahhhh. So time went by and one day I went shopping with mum and we went into space NK (by the way does anyone know what NK stands for?) So saw that they held the line and decided I’ll give the cleanser a try. SOOOO happy I did. I haven’t looked back since. It was expensive it was £33 which is steep but by this time I tried everything. It cleared my skin up in a matter of weeks. I felt so confident within my skin. I didn’t wear as much base and I am still so happy with it. I have used about 3 bottles of it. It has helped with my break outs and helped them heal quicker aswell. It smells clean, it not to harsh considering, it works well with my clarisonic (which again I love and will do a separate post for this) and lathers up which I like. So thumbs up from meeee!!! :)

Step 3:

Since trying and loving the cleanser, I decided to try the whole range as I loved it that much. Looking online and going into space NK the lady said they had stopped doing the clarifying range but still sold other Kate Somerville products, lucky good old mum again was working away in the US and I asked her to pick me up the rest of the range. So Step 3 I use there toner. I like her toner as I feel like it tightens my open pores but I don’t feel like if I miss this step my skin is gonna suffer. I probably will not re purchase once I have finished this bottle.

Step 4:

I used a Kate Somerville moisturiser and felt like my skin was drying out and need something more richer, as the cleanser clears my skin it still becomes dry at times. so I use Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser, which again is a great product. I tried her cleanse and polish and I know how the beauty industry loves the product and when trying it I could see how it would work on a dry to normal skin but having such problematic skin it didn’t work for me. But there moisturise does and I LOVE it.

Step 5:
Advanced night Repair:


This one of the most popular skincare products in the world. Please welcome...advanced night repair by Estee Lauder its a serum you put on before your moisturiser. You use it at night (it says it on the bottle, dont know why  feel the need to repeat myself) you use about a pea size amounts and pat it into your skin. 
Estee Lauder claims its meant to hydrate your skin by nature's long-proven moisture magnet, Hyaluronic Acid. 
Also “Chronolux Technology” helps reduce the appearance of past damage and uneven skintone.
 It definatley hydrates my skin and helps with repairing my skin when I have breakouts and my skin seems to recover quicker.
  The best things about serums is that they can penetrate into the skin deeper then moisturiser and that why it is best to use both.

What I also use when I have breakouts is this little baby:
Its.. you guessed it Kate Somerville EradiKate. Basically when I get a spot or 2 or 3 I use this bad boy!! You take a clean cotton bud and dip it in the pink powder at the bottom of the bottle and then apply on to the blemish and I find the spot dries up in the next couple of days. It does dry your skin out so beware use a good moisturiser after.

My eye cream... The final stage:
I use orgins “A perfect world for Eyes” I don’t LOVE this product but I feel like it hydrates under my eyes but it doesn’t firm and “lessen the appearance of wrinkles” I have bought orgins ginzing eyecream which Im hoping I will like more, I shall write a post if when I try it out but for now Im using the rest of this up.

So that is my skincare that I use everyday.
I also use exfoliators and masks but will do a future post on those products as this is a long post as t is.

Hope you like this and let me know what skincare products you love.


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